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Celebrating over 44 years of product design.

Updated: Jan 17

The Design 4 Plastics studio established in 1979 has brought hundreds of products to market for their customers. From concept to production the design 4 studio handle all aspects of design, development, testing, visualisation, prototyping, manufacture, packaging and project management. With a wealth of knowledge and trusted manufacturers based across the UK and overseas you can guarantee that your product or design project is in safe hands.

The design 4 studio specialise in designing products that are ready for manufacture from the concept stage creating products that look great, function and are suitable for the chosen manufacturing method.

For each new design or product enquiry design 4 offer a free no obligation consultation to discuss your project, from this a detailed brief and quotation will be provided outlining each stage of development and a cost.

The design 4 studio have a unique approach to the design process which ensures that the customer is involved at every stage, this ensures that the customer has control over the direct the project takes delivering the optimum design.

envirovent filterless fan exploded cad model
Envirovent filterless fan exploded 3D CAD design

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